Vey & Associés

Vey & Associés

International law firm: litigation strategy, criminal defence and fundamental freedoms

Working in more than fifty countries on behalf of major companies, governments, institutions and leading figures, we have learned never to think in automatic terms, but to understand each situation in its own specific environment.


We are renowned for implementing ‘tailor-made’ defence strategies, in conjunction with an extensive network of specialists and experts.


Our identity lies in the fact that we maintain a very high level of litigation activity, particularly before criminal courts, throughout the French-speaking world. This legal practice – one of the most highly regarded in France – gives us a concrete view of criminal risk and enables us to advise our clients on the basis of real experience in the field.


Alongside this defence work, our firm is regularly instructed to take action to protect human rights, for example in cases involving judicial cooperation, extraditions, attacks on physical integrity and reputation, and any issue involving the defence of fundamental freedoms.